Paint chip poem with 31 words – corn maze

During August Linda Kruschke is providing a choice of three paint chips each week as inspiration for a 31-word poem.

Linda writes:
‘This week’s paint chip words and phrases are corn maze, obsidian, and matcha.
Once again, I would like you to pick just one of these words or phrases and write a poem of exactly 31 words (because there are 31 days in August). The title, if you want to have one, is not included in the word count.
Please visit her blog for the whole challenge, her poem and the poems of other participants.’

This time I have chosen to write about a corn maze, which in UK English would be a maize maze. I have had trouble confining myself to 31 words, ending up with two 31-word verses. The first is factual and the second somewhat fictitious.


Outside we can see
Fields and the Irish Sea;
Pastures with herds and flocks;
Crops swell the stocks
Of silage, oilseed rape, barley –
And once a corn maze was a novelty.

In the corn maze
The spikes of maize
Dwarf little people like me.
We took two turns left – or was it three?
I’ll be happier when
We find the exit again!

Blue sky with clouds, blue sea on left, headland with fields on right, buildings more pastures on left, telegraph pole, trees
Irish Sea and fields in August after crops have been harvested

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