Three short books from BorrowBox

As well as reading printed books, I have been reading some books on my phone. As I have finished reading seven books and not yet reviewed them, there will be reviews of three books in this post.

The Prophet by Khalil Gibran

Khalil Gibran’s book is written as allegorical poetry and contains much wisdom. The Prophet was about to set sail from a city and before he went he was asked for advice by various groups of people. The Prophet is probably best known for the section about children. This is addressed to parents. I enjoyed this book and was interested to learn a little about the author. There were illustrations, but how they were relevant to the book escaped me at the time. I have since learned that he was also an artist. Really it is a book to return to, but reading it on BorrowBox is a good introduction. It was first published in the USA in 1923.

No-one is too small to make a difference by Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg from Sweden is well-known for her activism on climate change. As a schoolgirl she has managed to attract international attention. Her book, No-one is too small to make a difference is a collection of her speeches to various important meetings. As her message is the same, there was a lot of repetition, but it was interesting to read her words and to note which important meetings she had spoken at. Climate change is an important issue and one that should be taken notice of by everyone. Decisions taken by older people will affect today’s children and future generations.

Captain Tom’s Life Lessons by Captain Tom Moore

In 2020 centenarian Captain Tom Moore (1920-2021) captured the hearts of the British public by his sponsored walk around his garden using his zimmer frame. He raised a very large sum of money for National Health Service Charities. As a result he also gained an honorary degree and a knighthood. His book is written as he spoke with Yorkshire phrases, such as ‘When I were a lad’. His life story is interwoven with advice for good-living. While he did not consider himself religious, it was apparent that the faith and morals of his grandparents had influenced his character. It is a heart-warming book.

I recommend these three influential books from very different authors. They are all published by Penguin. Perhaps you have read one or more of them already. If so, what did you think?