Tanka paint chip poem

This week Linda Kruschke has picked a tanka for the paint chip prompt. Do visit her blog to see the full definition, the colours, her poem and links to other paint chip tankas. What about writing one of your own?

The tanka is a Japanese form ‘with five lines with a syllable count of 5-7-5-7-7 (or thirty-one syllables in all).’

‘Your challenge is to write a casual tanka using at least two of the seven paint chip words and phrases. I’m in the mood for silly, so bonus points if you write something that makes me laugh.

‘The paint chip words and phrases you have to choose from are ivory, tip of the tongue, dappled sunlight, spinach, new leaf, gargoyle, and dumpling.

‘You also get bonus points if you can fit four of these words and phrases in a single tanka and have it still make sense.’

Gladstone the gargoyle

Author Amy writes
About a gargoyle, Gladstone.
In dappled sunshine
He might look at a new leaf,
This grey, dumpling-shaped gargoyle.

(With apologies to Gladstone, who is perhaps less dumpling-shaped than many regular gargoyles.)

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