Sixain paint chip poetry prompt

This week Linda Kruschke has reached the letter S in a poetry dictionary and chosen the sixain as the form for us to use. There is a choice of rhyming schemes (explained in her post). I have chosen ababcc for mine. Don’t forget to visit Linda’s post for the complete challenge, the paint chip colours and her poem.

‘My challenge to you is to pick one of the rhyme schemes noted in the definition of the sixain and write one or more six-line stanza. I suppose, if you are feeling spunky, you can try your hand at a sestina, but that means you’re committing to seven stanzas, including the three-line envoi.

‘The paint chip words and phrases you have to work with are mystical, faded denim, lipstick, halo, blush, polished stone, and alpine.

‘I would like you to use at least one of the paint chips as one of your rhyming words and try to work four or five paint chips into your poem.

‘If you’re a glutton for punishment, try to write a sestina using six of the seven paint chips as the ending words or phrases required by that complex form. (Note: I will not be doing that, but super bonus points for anyone who does).’

Christian Art

Mary in a window does not blush.
She has a halo like baby Jesus’,
Her dress brighter than faded denim – plush –
And lipstick bright lips to please us.
Is stained glass than polished stone
More mystical? Let the answer be known!