Rondelet Paint chip poetry challenge

This week Linda Kruschke’s challenge is for a rondelet.

Don’t forget to click through to her post for the whole challenge, the paint chip colours, Linda’s poem and the responses of others.

From the poetry dictionary:

‘The rhyme and refrain scheme is AbAabbA (capital A = refrain). The refrain lines (A) each contain four syllables; the other lines (a and b) each contain eight syllables.’

Linda’s challenge:

‘Your challenge is to write a rondelet using one of the paint chip words or phrases as part of your refrain. You can use however many of the other words and phrases as you want in the other lines.
The paint chip words and phrases you have to choose from are firefly, zephyr, fig leaf, key lime, night, rainstorm, and cabin in the woods.

‘Obviously that last phrase won’t work for the refrain because it is more than four syllables. To add to the challenge, I want the title of your poem to be that final paint chip: cabin in the woods.’

Cabin in the Woods

Sheltered at night
From being soaked in a rainstorm,
Sheltered at night
We watch for beams of pale moonlight,
Sheltered from becoming too warm,
Far away from town’s milling swarm,
Sheltered at night.

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