Kyrielle: paint chip poem

This week Linda Kruschke’s Paint chip challenge is for a Kyrielle. The word reminded me of Kyrie as in Kyrie eleison. In fact, according to the book I mentioned in my previous paint chip post, it is short for Kyrie eleison and was originally used for hymns. I had three goes at this and have combined the second and third attempts, but it still might qualify for last week’s prompt – Juxtaposition.

Linda writes:

Your challenge this week is to write a kyrielle of at least three stanzas. 

The paint chip words and phrases you have to work with are it takes two to tangoblack widowNiagara Fallsdragonflywarm gloworange you glad, and tissue. I would like you to use at least three of these words or phrases, including one as part of your repeating refrain.

Reflections above a small waterfall

Local waterfall

Dancing rainbow colours

By a path raised over a marsh
In pairs filmy dragonfly play.
The countryside code is not harsh.
It takes two to tango, they say.

The wings of a bright dragonfly
Have colours like waterfall spray.
A rainbow spectrum flying high.
It takes two to tango, they say.

Waterfalls in our neighbourhood
Might cascade a very long way,
But Niagara Falls surely would.
It takes two to tango, they say.

The waterfalls here are smaller.
Rain boosts them on a stormy day.
Niagara Falls stands much taller.
It takes two to tango, they say.

When the warm glow of spring sunshine
Breaks through after long winter’s grey
Everyone begins to feel fine.
It takes two to tango, they say.

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