Ghazal paint chip poem

Linda Kruschke’s paint chip poetry prompt this week is to write a ghazal. The definition of a ghazal along with the paint chip colours and examples of the form including Linda’s new one may be found here.

She writes:
Today I am challenging you to write a ghazal of at least five couplets. For the refrain phrase, I would like you to select one of the paint chip words or phrases below.
The paint chip words and phrases you have to work with are sour grapes, arboretum, aura, coral, green light, blizzard, and primrose path. As mentioned above, I’d like you to choose one of these as the refrain for your ghazal. Use as many others as you choose.
If you can weave in a Valentine’s Day theme, extra bonus points for you.

A Ghazal for Valentine’s Day

Red roses are the flora
Which give the Valentine’s Day aura.

Not receiving a card might
Sour the Valentine’s Day aura.

A Valentine’s Day trip out
To an arboretum has its own aura.

A Valentine’s Day blizzard
Could thwart plans or give a new aura.

Early spring flowers line a
Primrose path with a cheerful aura.

Sour grapes turn off the green light
Spoiling the Valentine’s Day aura.

I’m called Susan not Coral
And this ghazal has its own aura.

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