Ekphrastic poetry paint chip prompt

Linda Kruschke’s paint chip poetry prompt this week is for Ekphrastic poetry. She has provided six photos as inspiration for this sort of poetry. To see the definition of Ekphrastic poetry, the photos, the paint chip colours and Linda’s poem, please click the link.

This week you have six paint chip words and phrases (well, five words and one phrase) to choose from. I’d like you to use at least three in your ekphrastic poem to “add something to its language that takes off from the picture, or talk[s] back to it.”
The available paint chips are croissant, warm glow, waffle, heavenly, succulent, and rattlesnake.

(c) 2021 L. Kruschke

Beyond the Frame

Before dawn the warm glow
From the lamp sheds light
On the pale roses – iceberg perhaps –
And the turtle mug. Out of sight,
Hidden on the breadboard
Is the breakfast food –
Perhaps home-baked bread, a warm croissant
Or a waffle on the light wood.
There is mystery
Here. Is more hidden?
A second place-setting maybe
Or a server, doing as bidden?

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