Dramatic monologue paint chip poetry prompt

Linda Kruschke’s paint chip poetry challenge can be found here with a definition of dramatic monologue and the paint chip colours as well as her poem.

This week we are in the D section of the dictionary and I’ve decided to challenge you all to write dramatic monologue…

…You may decide who your speaker will be first, and then figure out what they will say using the paint chip words and phrases. Or perhaps the paint chips will help you decide who your speaker will be. It’s up to you. Please title your poem “____________ Speaks.” And please include at least four of these words and phrases in your dramatic monologue: bluebird, Earl Grey, pearl, mountain town, baby sweater, rain forest, and cello.

Earl Grey speaks

In my home county of Northumberland
My family was thought rather grand.
The countryside has grandeur too
With miles of hills to ride or drive through.

My upbringing was highly privileged
Our dinner services were gold-edged.
Our entertainment was high class
Strings, like cello, rather than brass.

In parliament I sought to serve.
The Tories thought I had a nerve.
The pearl of great price I strived for,
Was that folk would be slaves no more.

It seemed completely out of order
That folk from outside our border,
From mountain town or rain forest
Should have to follow our behest.

I also wanted more people to vote.
This reform was something of note.
But people mostly know the tea
That was oddly named after me.

Facts about the former Prime Minister, Earl Grey were found here.


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