Ballade paint chip poetry prompt

Linda Kruschke has set a challenge for this week’s paint chip poetry. Unusually she has not yet posted her poem for the prompt, but has promised it for Monday 11 January. Her full post with the paint chip colours is here.

To quote:
There were some interesting choices, including Beat Poetry, but I decided on the Ballade.
The paint chip words and phrases you have to work with are cowboy, polished stone, raw silk, spinach, avalanche, Rocky Mountains, and robin’s egg. I would like you to pick three of the paint chips for your Ballade. Choose the three that you think have the greatest connection to each other.

I learned that the form of a ballade is 3 verses of ababbcbC and an envoi bcbC, where C is a repeated line. After clicking on Linda’s links I consulted a wonderful paperback for further clarification of this form – How to be Well-versed in Poetry Edited by E.O.Parrott. I mentioned it previously on this blog and how I came to buy it on my photo blog.

A Ballade of Hazardous Weather

The avalanche of snow slides down
One of the Rocky Mountains.
Its whiteness mixes with brown,
As with a loud roar it gains
More and more stains.
Logs, rocks or polished stone
Cause terrible pains.
Selfless kindness will be shown.

Buried in snow’s no way to drown.
(Minor complaints like chilblains
Give some skiers a frown.)
Ski sticks akimbo like canes,
Their faint hope wanes.
Will they be able to phone
For helpful snow-chains?
Selfless kindness will be shown.

A rescuer coming from the town
Has brawn as well as brains.
He does not seek renown;
Hollow praises he disdains.
Common sense reigns.
The skiers are flown
To safety and trains.
Selfless kindness will be shown.

Now when it rains
Logs, rocks or polished stone
Can block the storm drains.
Selfless kindness will be shown.

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