Paint Chip Poetry Challenge #49

I began taking part in Linda Kruschke’s Paint Chip Poetry Challenge during the first lockdown of 2020. The poems I have written so far may be found on my Paint Chip Poetry Page with a few relevant photos. With over 30 poems so far the page is becoming rather unwieldy. I decided that the first week of December, being Advent and the beginning of the church’s year, would be a good time to start sharing any future Paint Chip Poems as blog posts.

Linda’s post can be found here with the coloured paint chip cards and her poem. I am quoting part of her post below.

And trust me, this will be a challenge. I almost feel like I should apologize for the poem the random number generator landed on. It’s titled Eggs Rated from page 149. You’re on your own to figure out what to do with this one.
The paint chip words and phrases you have to work with are easy peasy, puddle, vintage turquoise, moon walk, hearthstone, sun rays, and tangerine dream. May that first phrase characterize your poetry writing for this prompt. Use how ever many of the words and phrases work for you.


It’s my turn to cook dinner tonight.
The reason being that ham omelette
Is easy peasy for me to prepare.
Hubby cooked one that we’ll not forget.

To be 5-star-perfect, an omelette
Has to be fluffy and light.
Inside it’s yellow like the sun’s rays.
Tangerine dream would not be quite right.

5 thoughts on “Paint Chip Poetry Challenge #49

  1. I love this! I rate this poem five out of five eggs.
    And I’m happy you’ll be posting these individually going forward. I will be continuing a prompt in 2021, though I might mix it up a bit. I’m still noodling on what the format will be.

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