Book review of Recital of Love by Keren Dibbens-Wyatt

At the beginning of September I read Recital of Love: Sacred Receivings on my phone as the author Keren Dibbens-Wyatt had sent me a pdf file to review. The book was published as a hardback on 8th September, by which time I had already read and enjoyed it. In fact I was sorry when I reached the end of this unusual book.

I have not met Keren, who is housebound.  We have connected in a Facebook group for Christian Writers.

In Recital of Love Keren’s images of God’s love reflected in the natural world are described in beautiful prose. I found it calming, challenging and exciting. The chapters are short making this an ideal book to dip into perhaps before sleep. It is a book worth reading and rereading.

The content was inspired through contemplative prayer. She does not claim infallibility and refers readers to the Bible.

An excerpt from Recital of Love appears in a guest post Keren wrote.

In the UK it is available from Eden if you do not have a local Christian bookshop.

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