What I read in July 2020 (Part1)

So far in July I have only read one book! I began reading Lakeland: A personal Journey by Hunter Davies in June. It was an ebook on BorrowBox. I have not yet mastered navigating around BorrowBox and found myself skim-reading pages I had already read. When I stop reading part way through a chapter, BorrowBox seems to restart at or near the beginning! There is probably a bookmark, which I have not yet found.

Having lived in Cumbria outside the Lake District National Park for over 30 years I found Lakeland (published in 2016 by Head of Zeus) very interesting. Hunter Davies compiled it from documents he had collected over a much longer time of living in the area. Much of the content was familiar to me, but there was also plenty of information I had not read previously. I enjoyed Hunter Davies’ sense of humour in the way he presented what might otherwise have been dry facts.

An irritating feature of reading the book electronically was that most of the illustrations were split between two pages. As with the bookmark above, there may have been a solution to this problem, but I didn’t look for it. Give me a printed book any day!

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2 thoughts on “What I read in July 2020 (Part1)

  1. I also use Borrowbox with the Essex Library, Susan. It works ok for me, but I must admit I don’t use it as much as I use Libby with Suffolk Libraries. Both are limited in their stock imo.
    Your book about Lakeland sounds fascinating.

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