Y is for Yeshua and You

My posts for the A to Z Challenge this year are all about the Easter Story, recorded in 4 books of the New Testament: the Gospels. Image in sidebar links to Theme Reveal post.

Image in sidebar or below post links to Theme reveal

In these posts about the Easter story the main character is Jesus of Nazareth (Letter J). Jesus is the way that his name has been handed down in English. In the language spoken in the time and place where he lived on earth, he was probably called Yeshua. This is the same name as Joshua, meaning redeemer (Letter R).

In the post for Letter S (Salvation) I explained that although Jesus’ death and resurrection made it possible for people to be saved from their wrong-doing, salvation is not automatic. It is a gift, which is offered, but has to be received and lived out to provide any benefit.

If you have been following all these posts how do you react to the Easter story?

Have you asked Jesus (Yeshua) to be your Saviour?

If you have just found this blog for the Letter Y, please click the image in the sidebar and read my Theme reveal post with its links to the scriptures. If you are unfamiliar with the Easter story, the scripture linked in my post for the Letter X may also be helpful.

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