P is for Palm Sunday, Peter and Pontius Pilate

My posts for the A to Z Challenge this year are all about the Easter Story, recorded in 4 books of the New Testament: the Gospels. Image in sidebar links to Theme Reveal post.

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Palm Sunday really comes at the beginning of the Easter story. Jesus and his disciples travelled to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. (Letter J, Letter D and Letter B) They arrived on a Sunday and were greeted by an excited crowd of people. Jesus was riding a donkey, which had never been ridden before. The crowd took off their cloaks or tore down branches of palm trees to spread on the road in front of him. They chanted, ‘Hosanna to the King of David!Matthew 2:11-17 Thus the people acknowledged him as the Messiah. (Letter M)

Peter was one of Jesus’ disciples. Later in the Easter story, on the Thursday he promised that he would be loyal to Jesus. Jesus predicted that Peter would not. Matthew 26:31-35  Jesus’ predictions were fulfilled, but Peter was sorry and went on to spread the Good News (Gospel) about Jesus in a powerful way. (Letter G)

Pontius Pilate was the Roman governor in Jerusalem at the time. The priests took Jesus to him after his arrest. Pontius Pilate tried him and could not find anything wrong. However to please the crowds, he sentenced him to death by crucifixion. Matthew 27:1-2 and Matthew 27:11-26

In the creeds (statements of belief) spoken by Christians during services, Pontius Pilate is remembered. ‘He was crucified under Pontius Pilate.’ (Letter C and Letter D)

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