More about tea cosies

A friend gave me a big bag of yarn left over from many projects. She said it was for tea cosies. I offered to knit her one first.

This is the fourth tea cosy I have knitted recently. I found a good home for the second one and knitted a third for another friend.

Having learned from my earlier experiences, I decided not just to crochet round the openings, but to crochet along the whole edge on both sides of the two pieces. Being a subscriber to the theory that laziness rather than necessity is the mother of invention, I had considered not bothering to sew the ends in, but somehow to crochet over them and tidy them that way. However, in practice this would have been too bulky and impractical. I sat and tied the pairs of ends in reef knots before securing them firmly using a tapestry needle as before. Another time I’ll try to use fewer colours and take the unused yarn up the side without cutting it to avoid all that finishing.

A tea pot is not symmetrical. The handle and spout are different in shape and position. My tea cosies are intended to be left on the pot while pouring tea, so there are openings for the handle and spout. The knitting is symmetrical. This time I knitted the cosy with a particular style of pot in mind.

As I joined the sides together I realised that the top was going to be too tall at the sides. I tucked in the surplus material to fit the two sides of the pot. Perhaps necessity is the mother of invention after all.

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  1. Well done, Sue. Your cosies look good, traditional. I have designed and made a handbag toothbrush bag. Just what I’ve needed for years.

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