What I read in October (Part 1)

Palau: A Life on Fire The spiritual memoir of Luis Palau with Paul J. Pastor

I was given this book by a friend. I had not previously heard of Luis Palau, whose ministry is similar to that of Billy Graham (one of whose books I reviewed here).

The style reminded me of God’s Smuggler. It has been written primarily for a US readership. Palau’s story is very interesting. It is told in an open and honest manner. I was interested to learn of his visit to the UK at the time of the Falklands War. Palau’s country of birth is Argentina – the country laying claim to the Falkland Islands. Palau came in peace to spread a message of peace.

The book was written after Palau had been diagnosed with cancer. He had not previously written about his own life. The partnership with Paul J. Pastor has resulted in a very readable and inspiring book.

I took the book to our prayer group and read a few pages about his visit to Britain. It was suggested that I might read more from it another time – a recommendation in itself!

As a UK citizen I found one of the words used about British society rather strange to put it mildly. However, I realise that communication is important and if one word is chosen rather than another, it is probably for a good reason. Just to set the record straight, we do not use the word ‘caste’ to describe our flexible social structure. Our word is ‘class’ and society is roughly divided into upper class, middle class (professional people) and working class. Before the Second World War class divisions were far more obvious than they are in present-day Britain. Following WW2 there was a greater emphasis on education for everyone. It became easier for people from working class families to become professional people. We even have a word, yuppies – Young Upwardly-mobile People. Personally I regard people as people no matter what their background.

One thing that resonated with me from Palau’s faith story was the importance of understanding that the Holy Spirit (or Spirit of Christ) lives within Christians helping us to live for God and helping us to grow more like Jesus Christ.

Luis Palau continues his ministry with podcasts which may be found on Twitter @LuisPalauLive.