What I read in August 2019 (Part 2)

I have read two more library books so far this month. Both books are prize-winners. The first was a young adult (YA) book by Philip Pullman, whose earlier books I have read and enjoyed. The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage is the first in a trilogy forming the ‘equel’ to His Dark Materials. The second part of the trilogy is due to be published in the autumn. I hope the local library will have it soon afterwards!

Although Pullman is an atheist, he quotes the words of hymns and has organisations based on religious foundations in his books. There is much that is thought-provoking and could lead to interesting discussions for groups of the target audience.

The other book was quite different from anything I have read before. A Horse Walks into a Bar by David Grossman is about a stand-up comic. Although it includes some jokes they are aimed at an Israeli audience and assume knowledge of local customs, culture and recent history. I was a little out of my depth. It was an interesting book in the way that the story unfolded in the course of a single evening’s performance. Various characters’ stories emerged as a member of the audience narrated the tale later.

This is another book which would be good for a reading group, where a few people could help with their own insights. (While searching for the book online I discovered that reports from reading groups are available.) I read the hardback edition, which has a black and white cover.