What I read in June (Part 5) The Wood

On a quick visit to the library I found another book by John Lewis-Stempel, The Wood: The Life and Times of Cockshutt Wood. Once again he has observed an area, where he was working, over about a year. As well as his observations, history, science, folklore, recipes and poetry are included. I tend to read too quickly, but this is a book worth reading slowly and really picturing the beech mast, the hazel nuts and all the other naturally occurring objects and creatures described. The industrial-sized pond’s acreage was twice that of the plot my childhood home occupies.

I particularly enjoyed the chapters about May and June, perhaps because these were the months of my recent experience. I could compare notes about the flowers and birds I had observed, although I had only made one visit to a small wood. Each chapter is introduced by a charming picture.

The other books I have read by John Lewis-Stempel (Meadowland and The Running Hare) are mentioned in two earlier posts.

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  1. I don’t read enough non-fiction to feed my interest, but I love trees! I tend to include trees and gardens in my own writing, which, I suppose, is non-fiction too. Actually, maybe I read a lot more non-fiction than I first thought, as I read loads of real human stories. Thankyou for helping to see that.

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