What I read in May 2019 (Part 2)

Two more books I have enjoyed reading.

I ordered Shadow Doctor The past awaits by Adrian Plass (the sequel to The Shadow Doctor which I reviewed here) before it was published in April, but did not read it until May, when I raced through it. However, while I was compiling this post, I realised that I had forgotten to review it. I have been a fan of Adrian Plass’ writing for a long time and have met him at a few writers’ weekends. An acquaintance commented on Facebook that she had gobbled this book up and needed to read it again slowly. The same was true of me. I reread it in a single day and found that I had forgotten most of it. This is because of the narrative style in this book. There is much conversation and digression among the action. This adds to the suspense and kept me turning the pages. The second reading led me to look up some poetry as background information. I enjoyed this book, which perhaps appeals more to older readers. (I have also read The Shadow Doctor twice for similar reasons.) A number of loose ends from the first book were woven into the sequel. I’d recommend reading these books in the order they were written.

I borrowed It started with a Tweet by Anna Bell from the library. For once I read the blurb on the cover first. However when I started to read the book I really thought I had made a mistake! However after the first few chapters, which formed the basis for the rest of the book, it became a much easier read. (I was out of my depth with text speak, pop culture and TV.) There is much wisdom in this book, which tells a good story with unpredictable twists in the plot. I am glad I persevered with it.