What I read in April (Part 3) Empire Antarctica

On the staff recommendations display at the local library I found a copy of Empire Antarctica: Ice, Silence and Emperor Penguins by Gavin Francis.

Gavin Francis went to the Halley Research station as the medical doctor for about a year. He spent a lot of time reading while he was there, which no doubt helped him to develop the skill to write this very readable book.

Empire Antarctica is a record of his experience of living and working in an inhospitable land with digressions which include the history, geography and animal life of the continent as well as references to philosophy and Western culture. It is a fascinating book.

Another reader had used a ballpoint pen to make some totally unnecessary editorial suggestions. I needed a more comprehensive dictionary than I usually consult to find the meaning of one word which puzzled him or her. Nemoral is to do with woods/glades. Not something found in Antarctica!