Q is for quarter #AtoZChallenge

For the A to Z in April Challenge 2019 I have picked some words, which are connected with physical space.

Q is for quarter – a fourth of a whole.
It’s a vulgar fraction or point two five
In decimal. A large slice of a Swiss roll;
Sums are a piece of cake, some believe!

A family member was a primary school teacher. She brought me all sorts of activities, taught me some crafts and to play the recorder. I probably learned about fractions at home by playing with some printed cardboard shapes and fitting them together. I also remember the pre-decimal UK coinage, which relied on fractions. Farthings were a quarter of a penny, but they were discontinued as they were worth very little. There were halfpennies (pronounced Hayp’nnies), pennies, threepenny bits, which had twelve sides, sixpences (known as tanners), shillings (twelve pence), florins (two shillings), half crowns (two shillings and sixpence), ten shilling notes, pound notes and so on. Now (because of inflation) even pounds are coins and there are two-pound coins. British people used to have plenty of practice at mental arithmetic!

Penny farthing bicycle with old coins

Vulgar (as in vulgar fraction) means common or ordinary rather than rude.

Examples of sharing something out in the Bible include the division of the promised land between the twelve tribes of Israel and the feeding of the five thousand.

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