O is for octagon #AtoZChallenge

For the A to Z in April Challenge 2019 I have picked some words, which are connected with physical space.

O is for octagon –
An eight-sided figure.
Add extra length on
And it becomes bigger!

Making a larger copy of something is easier in these days of photocopiers and 3D-printers. It is not all that long since rulers, set-squares, protractors and compasses were used. A pantograph was quite a novelty.  (The link is one I picked out at random from my search engine results.)

Ruler, set-square, compasses and protractor

The school where I was very happy for five years had an octagonal library, which I have attempted to immortalise in verse! The tall bookshelves were positioned to point from the angles towards the centre, where there were tables and chairs for schoolgirls to sit and read. It was in the library that I met my first-form teacher, when Mum and I went on a visit to the school in the term before I started there. There was also a stage or dais, where I later spent some useful lunch-times as a library junior. We had to cover new paperback books with plastic film, give them the correct accession number (the number, which indicated the order in which they had been acquired), add a page for stamping the date they would be due back and stamp them with the name of the school. No computers or barcodes then. We also had to serve the customers, stamping their books and returning each book to the correct shelves according to their Dewey number.

A book in the Old Testament is called Numbers. It is a history book, which contains lots of numbers. In the first three chapters, Moses counts the people in obedience to God. A second census did not include any of the original men except Caleb and Joshua. By contrast King David took it upon himself to carry out a census; he was not acting in obedience to God. Do please read the passages to find out what had happened!

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