H is for height #AtoZChallenge

For the A to Z in April Challenge 2019 I have picked some words, which are connected with physical space.

H is for height,
Hexagon, heptagon and how
Can you check an answer’s right?
Handbooks are old-fashioned now.

Height is the noun related to high. If it followed the same rules as length and long, which I mentioned in my post for the Letter E, it might be heighth. Perhaps that was too hard to pronounce, although we do have eighth (from eight)!

Speaking of hexagons and heptagons my D post is about polygons and more besides.

Although I have always been drawn to writing, there is something satisfying about mathematical problems, the answers to which can be either right or wrong. Literature, art and music are not so easily evaluated.


Handbooks have been produced to provide information about many topics. Most people find information online now. I usually turn to books and printed maps before looking online.

Many handbooks use the name Bible (which simply means book), because of the reliance many people have on the Holy Bible to help them learn how to live well.

If you have been following my A to Z posts, you will have noticed that I always provide at least one reference to the Bible and link to Bible Gateway. Don’t be afraid to click on them! They open in a new tab.

In St Paul’s letter to the Church in Rome he mentions height and depth.

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  1. Speaking of the rules, Milton, albeit poetically, did follow the same rules in Paradise Lost, ‘…That to the highth of this great argument I may assert eternal providence, And justify the ways of God to men.’ I shall refrain, however, from giving all the links to the Bible that could be derived from that work!

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