What I read in October 2018 (Part 1)

I ordered both these books from the local bookshop. I had read the earlier books in both series. The latest books were equally enjoyable.

The Cairo Brief by Fiona Veitch Smith

This is a recent publication (September 2018). The earlier books in the series are The Jazz Files, The Kill Fee and The Death Beat. All have the strap-line: Poppy Denby Investigates. Poppy Denby continues to lead an exciting life in this historical novel. The scene-setting first chapter was a different approach. I read this book from cover to cover over a couple of days. There are unresolved issues (unconnected with the mystery solved here), which I hope to read about in the next book in the series.

Destiny’s Ruin by Philip S. Davies

This is the third book in the trilogy. Destiny’s Rebel and Destiny’s Revenge precede it. I read it in an afternoon, although it required more imagination than the other book reviewed here. It is a book intended for older children. The main character, Katelin, has learned from her earlier experiences, but is still recognisable as the rebel from the first book. There is sound advice woven into the story, which ends satisfactorily after some unexpected twists and turns.

This YA (Young adult) book was launched towards the end of September 2018.


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