What I read in August 2018 (Part 1)

I bought the first two books I read in August second-hand at a fund-raiser.

The Red House

The Red House by Mark Haddon attracted me as I had enjoyed his better-known book “The curious incident of the dog in the night-time”. The Red House is quite different. It is quite a complicated novel with lots of characters. Some of the material is what I regard as TMI (too much information). I kept reading because there was a character, who was a Christian. I was interested in how Christianity is portrayed in a mass-market paperback. Many of the books I read and review have been written by practising Christians, whose beliefs inform their writing. All the characters in The Red House were changed in some way by their holiday there.

The book is on its way to be sold by a different charity as I am unlikely to read it again. Reading group questions may be found here.

I had heard quite a lot about Me before you by Jo Jo Moyes, not all of it complimentary, so was interested to read it for myself. It is extremely well-written. For once, I think I had read a spoiler and knew how the story would end for one of the characters. One thing, which I noticed in the way this story was told, was the author’s accurate portrayal of people from different social strata. The way that the exact circumstances of Will’s day-to-day life were revealed as Louisa became better acquainted with him, was a particularly good example of accomplished storytelling. Although the ending was not perhaps what I’d have hoped for, I shall be looking for the sequel in the library.

I had previously read The girl he left behind by Jo Jo Moyes.


4 thoughts on “What I read in August 2018 (Part 1)

  1. I would be interested to read The Red House. I liked The Curious Incident…. but wasn’t so keen on Mark Haddon’s writing, I’d like to see how different it is in this book. I read Me Before You ages before the film and the controversy. And also before I became disabled. I can certainly understand why the controversy, but to be fair, I always considered it a light, chick lit. type of read without the need to delve into the psychology or reasoning behind it. I’ve read much worse.

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  2. I loved Me Before You and also really liked the movie. I recently read After You and have to say I was a bit disappointed and wished I’d just left it at the first book – but then I also felt like this when I read Go Set a Watchman. I’ve no desire to now read the 3rd in the series either. It’s one of those Marmite situations 🙂

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  3. I still have Me Before You on my bookshelf – maybe one day! I enjoyed ‘The Curious Incident …’ and must admit I enjoy a novel with lots of characters but 8 seems a bit excessive with maybe not enough time to be emotionally invested in them.

    Thanks for linking Sue.

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