What I read in June 2018 (Part 1)

I read so many books in June that I have decided for the benefit of my readers (and my sanity) to break my review post into a currently unspecified number of parts. The final one deserves a post all to itself.

A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian a novel by Marina Lewycka is everything it says on the cover. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Although it is humorous, there is also pathos and all the tensions of family life. It is a well-told tale about human weaknesses and resourcefulness, in which the complications of communication in two languages give extra depth. I found a second hand copy in a local sale.

King of Shadows by Susan Cooper is a children’s book, which I borrowed from the library. I was looking for The Dark is Rising (the book used last year as a twitter reading group book with Robert Macfarlane), but took the only book available by the same author. I loved it and even learned a new word from it. In Shakespeare’s day a pickpocket was known as a cutpurse. I wrote a post or two about Shakespeare way back. This book is about child actors performing A Midsummer Night’s Dream. There are unexpected twists and turns. I shall be looking for more books by this author even if it does involve passing the barriers into the children’s area in the library!



Haiku Beyond the Mountain by John Chambers is a beautifully produced book of short poems (Haiku obviously) by a member of the writing group I attend. It is available in Bookends, Carlisle and other bookshops in the North of England. John has studied haiku and gone on to use the form in his own way. Many of the poems are about nature. To quote the back cover, “Expect to be surprised as you turn each page!” It is a book I shall read again.


4 thoughts on “What I read in June 2018 (Part 1)

  1. Marina Lewycka is great! I think my favourite of her books is Two Caravans, but they’re all good. I’ve just got The Lubetkin Legacy out of the library and am looking forward to getting into it.

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  2. I read ‘The Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian’ some years ago. I also enjoyed it but thought it meandered and descended into a bit of a romcom.

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