V is for Voice coach

Once again I have picked a theme for the A to Z Challenge. This time I aim to entertain rather than to educate. My theme is careers or occupations. I begin with a piece of creative writing.

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Vanessa and Victor are voice coaches, who work with speakers and singers to help them use their voices to the best effect. They help them breathe correctly at the right points in the text. Physical exercises and singing scales are part of their sessions. Volume is only one aspect. Variation of tone makes a voice more interesting. Proper enunciation makes it more easily understood. Vanessa and Victor are trained in the use of Alexander Technique and find it effective.

Further reading: Alexander Technique

There is a story in the Bible of someone, who was not a good speaker. He was not sent to a voice coach. Someone else was appointed to speak for him. Do you know who it was? Exodus 4:1-17

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  1. Our friend just had surgery on his vocal cords and had to completely stop talking for over a week and then had to “learn” how to talk again. It’s been very interesting.

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