N is for Navigator

Once again I have picked a theme for the A to Z Challenge. This time I aim to entertain rather than to educate. My theme is careers or occupations. I begin with a piece of creative writing.

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Natalie and Ned are navigators. They are good at helping other people find their way from place to place. Natalie sails the oceans and Ned flies in the sky. (No, he hasn’t grown wings.) Their favourite subjects were geography and science. Maps and travel adventures are their usual reading matter. They also know a lot about stars and planets. Natalie knows about currents and they both know about prevailing winds. The weather forecast is something they keep an eye on. Although modern technology has made their jobs easier, they can use older methods if the technology fails.

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The wise men from the East usually find their way into the Christmas story and nativity plays. They followed the natal star to find their way to the infant Jesus. Matthew 2:1-12

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