A is for Architect

Once again I have picked a theme for the A to Z Challenge. This time I aim to entertain rather than to educate. My theme is careers or occupations. I begin with a piece of creative writing. 

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Arabella and Archibald are architects. They imagine castles in the sky, but come down to earth to plan useful spaces for people to live and work in. They produce drawings of buildings which may become reality.

Early signs: at school they liked drawing and science, especially measuring. At home their favourite toys were building kits.

Further reading: Architect

Hebrews 11 in some translations describes God as an architect.

This post is published on Easter Day. My prayer is that all my readers may know the peace of the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

6 thoughts on “A is for Architect

  1. Loved the idea of castles in the sky developing into useful spaces for people to live and work in. Will mention this to our architect (not called Archibald or Arabella), particularly relevant as we are attempting to convert our loft at the moment.

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  2. Love your theme and they’re great stories that let the imagination run riot. They also help the rest of us catch up quickly. Many thanks for popping onto mine more regularly than I’m currently managing. Just caught up on yours though.

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