Posting daily to social media – pros and cons

Dave Walker, a cartoonist I follow on Twitter asked creative types about their experiences of posting daily. I replied briefly, but commented that it might merit a blog post. So here it is!

My most recent spell of daily posting was 150 days of #psalmtweets. Yes, there are 150 Psalms in the Old Testament.   The challenge was to post something inspired by each of them. I don’t like to risk failure in a project of this kind. With a project lasting for several months there are likely to be times, when I am away from home or otherwise less likely to be able to access the internet. For this reason (and because I had already finished reading the psalms as part of my daily quiet time) I began about a week in advance. I scheduled my Tweets using Tweetdeck. Cunningly, I did not schedule them for precisely the same time each day. My tweets are also available in a series of posts on this blog.

My next spell of nearly daily blogging will be in April for the Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge. I began thinking about this in January. I have already prepared some posts. The first week requires daily posting beginning on Easter Sunday (1 April). Subsequent weeks demand six posts a week. The whole project results in a total of 26 letter posts plus one in March for the Theme Reveal and one in May for the Reflections on the Challenge.

I have taken part in this before. The first time I only discovered it in the last week of March if my memory serves me correctly. I began writing my posts and publishing them on the appropriate days. Then I found my stride and did some planning. By the end I was ahead of the game. The following year I knew I was going to be away for a week in April. I didn’t have any way of accessing the internet away from home at that time, so I planned ahead and scheduled the required posts. Any comments would have to wait for replies.

I began planning before Christmas 2015 for April 2016 and managed to post an alphabetical rhyme on Sue’s Trifles as well as a series about flowers and plants on Sue’s Words and Pictures.

Other spells of daily blogging have included Blog Every Day in November and responding to the WordPress writing prompts from the Daily Post

There are only so many hours in a day and even if a writer gets up early and writes before breakfast (as I often have since starting to blog) other things tend to be neglected as energy and enthusiasm are used up.

Too many posts may overwhelm even the most loyal of followers. While I was considering writing this post WordPress published a link on Twitter to one on this topic.

So I know it is possible to post daily, but it is time consuming, especially, when you add in the extra time required to personalise sharing to Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Having a scheme for posting to Twitter is an ideal I only dream about at present. The most effective interactions are joining in with interesting conversations and making a few genuine Twitter friends. For an example of how to use Twitter to the best effect, check out the author, Robert Macfarlane.

2 thoughts on “Posting daily to social media – pros and cons

  1. Well done on daily posting. You do very well on these blogging challenges. I find posting just weekly on one of my blogs an effort, Sue.

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    • But you have more commitments than I do, Rosemary. Finding a healthy balance between on- and off-line activities is very important. I’m not sure I have found it yet. For some people monthly blog posts might be the answer. Sue


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