#Psalmtweets weeks 8 and 9

In the #Psalmtweets project the participants are now over 1/3 of the way through the Book of Psalms.

Ps. 50:Asaph speaks for God who owns all the earth.Thanks offerings are better than animal sacrifices&prepare way of salvation. #Psalmtweets

The next psalm is associated with the story of Nathan the prophet and his story of the “ewe lamb”. It is a contrast from many other psalms in this section, which relate to David’s enemies, his opinions of them and of God’s power to oppose them and to protect David and the righteous people, who will sing God’s praises.

Ps. 51: King David confesses his guilt & pleads for restoration of his relationship with God and prays for Jerusalem

Ps. 52: David addresses an enemy and predicts his downfall. He expresses his own trust in God, whom he praises

Ps. 53: David states non-believers are enemies, who live in fear. God will restore His (faithful) people, who will rejoice.

Ps. 54: David begins by asking God to save him from his enemies. He ends by praising God for deliverance.

Ps. 55: David takes his fear of his enemies to God. He looks for a way of escape, but ends by praising God for deliverance.

Ps. 56: Trust in God conquers fear of mortal enemies. David’s lament gives way to praise.

Ps. 57: David praises God for deliverance from King Saul, whose life David spared in the cave.

Ps.58: David describes the wicked and asks God to take vengeance on them, so that all will see that God judges and rewards.

Ps. 59: Another psalm beginning with the threat of enemies and ending in praise to the loving and strong God, David’s fortress.

Ps. 60: A psalm about war and lands. God’s help is needed for victory. Man’s help is worthless.

Ps. 61: David seeks God, asks for his blessing and renews his vows to God with praise and thanksgiving

Ps. 62: David finds rest in God alone. He warns against dishonest gain. God is loving and strong. Trust and confide in Him!

Ps. 63: In the desert David knows God provides for his soul. His mouth will sing praises to God. Liars’ mouths will be silenced

I have not found any illustrations to post for this fortnight.


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