Prayer strands

Do you pray?

When I think about prayer I mean praying to the triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Prayer is so easy a child can do it, but it can also be difficult. It can be difficult to be honest. It can be difficult to find time. It can be difficult to listen in case God is speaking or showing us a picture.

I recently had a half formed idea about the strength of groups of people praying. Jesus said, Where two or three are gathered in my name…

I wondered about a sort of plant rising from people towards God. We are supposed to be branches in his Vine – a sort of network. I thought about the strength of intertwined creepers. There is also reference in the Bible to a three-stranded cord.

Then I saw a picture on Twitter of wisteria in Kew Gardens. I have permission from Isabel Hardman to share it here.



I am not claiming to understand what happens when we pray. God wants us to treat him as our Heavenly Father and talk to him. We should expect to hear from him too.

Perhaps our prayers have substance, becoming a strong interwoven fabric or a tangle of creepers. Perhaps in praying for a person our prayers build up a barrier against evil. Prayer is something of a mystery. Does this picture resonate in any way with your experience? Can you shed any light on these tentative ideas?



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  1. I read recently an idea in a work of fiction that prayer frees up angels and God to do more good for the love of us and others. Since God respects our free will.


  2. It was the book Eve by Wm. Paul Young. He wrote The Shack. I know there is a lot of controversy over that book, so I don’t know what your opinion is. i think it is an outstanding example of God’s mercy and forgiveness.

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  3. I’ve often asked myself why we ask people to pray for us. Isn’t it enough to do it for ourselves? But what I do know is that other people praying for you, or the people who are close to you, is very comforting.

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