Master or Messiah? the disciples story

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Jesus told lots of stories and asked his listeners lots of questions. A group of people, who didn’t believe in life after death (resurrection) asked him a question about a woman, who had been married seven times. Whose wife would she be at the resurrection? Jesus was very sure of his answer. “At the resurrection people will not marry. He went on to tell them that God is the God of the living not of the dead. Our ancestors Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are alive, by this reasoning.

A rival group of people asked him a question about the Law of Moses. They wanted to know which was the greatest commandment. Jesus summarised the Ten Commandments with just two. (Matthew 22:37-40)

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”

“Love your neighbour as yourself.”

He asked these teachers of the law whose son the Messiah (or Christ) is. They replied the son of David. He asked them about a psalm. It went over our heads, but it silenced them.

Jesus carried on teaching us and the crowds which gathered around him. Among many things he taught us we only have one Master and are all brothers. We are not to be called Rabbi, or teacher, because we have one Teacher, the Christ.

Our friend and master, can he really be the Messiah?

Matthew Chapters 22 and 23

This year for the A to Z Challenge I have taken my 2013 Challenge as a starting point for most of the posts. I have written a post based around something or usually someone from the Bible. Sometimes it is a fictional story, for example when I have added some back stories (as a writing exercise). Sometimes it is a summary.

I hope my readers will be challenged to consider the original texts in more depth. (If only to discover what liberties I have taken with them!)

My M post for 2013

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  1. Jesus always gave people lots to think about, but more importantly, lots to which they needed to respond. I am delighted each time I’m allowed to understand a bit more about something I thought I understood. Thanks for getting me into Matthew 23 again. It’s pretty rich reading.

    Donna Smith
    Mainely Write
    MK IT SO

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