A knitted hat and some baby bootees

I had some oddments of yarn from earlier projects, which I decided to use up.

Hat with bamboo needles and a circular needle

Hat with bamboo needles and a circular needle



My first project was a hat. I used a pattern from The Aran Look by Patons No 151. The pattern was called “For country walks”. There is a “Stalk” on the top of the hat in the pattern (instead of a bobble). I omitted it. I also omitted one pattern repeat (4 rows) to reduce the depth of the hat as I was knitting it for someone with a smaller than average head. (The pattern was for an average head.)

The yarn I used was Airedale Aran from Texere yarns. I had bought some when it was discontinued. The garment, which resulted in spare yarn for the hat, appeared in an earlier post.

There was a large number of stitches so I found it easier to work backwards and forwards on a circular needle for much of the project.  For the shaping of the crown I used straight bamboo needles, which I find more comfortable to use than needles, which feel cold to the touch.

The pattern for the baby bootees was from an old copy of Woman’s weekly, Top to Toe Layette. It was for Robin yarns. It is just possible that I used a modern Robin yarn, but I didn’t make a note. It was certainly a well-known brand. I used 1 metre of  approximately .25in wide ribbon for each pair of bootees. (Yes, we are metric in the UK!)




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