Baby Jumper and bootees

It seems a long time since a knitting post appeared on this blog.

I knitted a little jumper/sweater from a pattern I have used previously.  I began knitting it in the summer and completed it just before Christmas. Usually, when I knit, I treat my projects as though they were urgent. This time I was deliberately trying to knit for pleasure and not with the goal of completing a garment quickly. I mentioned this in a post on the More than writers’ blog at the end of August.

Baby jumper

Baby jumper

The pattern I used was Lister-Lee K 1367. I used a different make of double knitting yarn. It was a well-known brand, but I didn’t make a note of what sort it was.

I had a small amount of yarn left over, which I used to knit a pair of bootees for a premature baby. The special baby unit at the local hospital accepts donations, which I make through an acquaintance, who used to work there. The pattern I use was a charity knitting supplement to Woman’s Weekly a long time ago.





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  1. What a brilliant idea, Sue, to donate woollies to premature baby unit. I used to love knitting, but I haven’t done any for ages (except knitting cardy – which turned out to be too big – for my grandson when he was born).


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