How to write ten poems in ten days

This year I was away from home on and around National Poetry Day.  I had a partial break from the online world.  I checked emails, Facebook and Twitter, and I even posted to my Words and Pictures blog from my phone, but so-called real-life took priority.

On my return I checked out the poetry course offered by WordPress as one of their Blogging U courses.  I pressed the ‘start course’ button as there wasn’t a ‘find out more before committing yourself’ one.  I discovered I had committed myself already!  (In case this was a mistake, there was a ‘stop course’ button.)

Being in the UK we have had most of our daylight hours at this time of year before the far side of the US is awake.  My daily email prompts were arriving just before 4pm.  I mostly acted on them immediately and scheduled a post with a poem on my original blog – Sue’s considered trifles – for the next morning (British Summer Time).  I regret that I didn’t spend more time looking at the links to information about the forms of poem, but I can do this at my leisure, so to speak!

And I wrote 10 poems in as many days.

This was actually the second time I had attempted daily poetry writing.  The first was last December, when I signed up for a challenge in a Facebook group. I managed to write seventeen poems in seventeen days that time.

Next week I hope to review the other three books I finished reading in October.

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