What I have read in October 2016

In October I bought three books and borrowed two others from the public library.  I began reading the books I bought in order of length and the amount of concentration needed as I was tired after my travels.


Drawn from words coverDrawn from Words by Sharon Kulesa, Amy Scott Robinson and Mandy Baker Johnson is a beautiful book.  It is the result of a challenge on social media (ReThinkChurch.org) and consists of pencil sketches, poetry and blog posts by the respective authors.  Each item was inspired by a single word.  They have selected their favourite contributions to the project.  The result is a well produced 48 page book.  My opinion of it was endorsed by the four other ladies at a prayer meeting.

The Village (when death comes to visit) by Eleanor Watkins

This book is intended for young people.  It is set in the time of the Black Death and tells the story of a village and in particular some youngsters from very different backgrounds.  It is well-written and a useful addition to the books listed in the bibliography, one of which (Year of Wonders) I was surprised to enjoy some time ago. (Year of Wonders was a Reading Group book.)

Edwin High king of Britain coverEdwin: High King of Britain by Edoardo Albert

This very readable historical novel gives much detail about how the various tribes in Britain interacted about 1400 years ago.  It is a well-produced book with a list of characters, a glossary and a map – things I always appreciate.  I only have one criticism of the map: the rivers were not named.  Several of our British river names are used in more than one location.  I think I worked out which River Derwent was intended.

This book is the first of a trilogy about the Northumbrian Thrones.  Apart from being an exciting story, there were insights into the mindsets of the people of the time.  The spread of literacy was an issue I had not previously considered.  I shall be looking out for the other two in the series.  The third book was published this month.

The two library books I borrowed are A Walk along the Wall by Hunter Davies and The Making of Swallows and Amazons by Sophie Neville.  Both are non-fiction.  I am enjoying the first, although it refers to a walk in the 1970s, since when much has changed in the surrounding area.  I have not yet begun reading the second.  Reviews of both will hopefully feature in my what I have read in November 2016 post.

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