Writing Day and some new directions

Last October I attended a Writers’ Day for the first time since I was a student. I mentioned it briefly here.

Another post tells the story of how I felt after a whole weekend in the company of writers.

I recently made a trip to visit relatives and attend the Writers’ Day in London.  One of the speakers was Amy Boucher Pye, who has written Bible Reading notes for New Daylight, which I have been using almost continuously since its inception.  (I have tried other notes as well.)

The other speaker was Andrew Chamberlain of the Creative Writer’s Toolbelt.

It was good to see some familiar faces and to meet some new people.  I found the talks interesting and learned some things about my writing habits in the workshop led by Amy.  The standard of the pieces which participants read out was very high.  I felt like a beginner in their company.

It was also good to hear a presentation from Sophie Neville about the Bible Society.  She was so enthusiastic that if I were happy to drive myself around, I’d be volunteering at once.  (I think I have got over my fear of public speaking.)

I bought some books, which I have read and intend to review in my next post.

I had to leave early to catch a train home, so missed the discussion at the end.

So what are the changes of direction?

My original blog, Sue’s considered trifles, has not had any new material on it for some considerable time.  However, due (I think) to the way WordPress links a user name to the first blog, it is still attracting new followers.  I signed up for a poetry course from WordPress and decided to post my efforts on Sue’s considered trifles, rather than interrupt my weekly posts here.

I also found myself lured into Goodreads.  I was attracted by a giveaway of a sequel to one of the books I bought.

I find the autumn challenging, with the shorter days and lots of pressures on my time.  Hopefully I will be able to find a balance between writing on- and off-line and life in general.  Social media also need to be kept within reasonable limits.

2 thoughts on “Writing Day and some new directions

  1. Goodreads can be good – but it can also end up linking you to other writers you ‘know’ (on Facebook etc) and you may suddenly find you aren’t allowed to post reviews on Amazon … this is because apparently there are scammers and ‘trolls’ out there who misbehave over reviewing, including people who buy/sell reviews, who review for each other and who even have review wars. Hard to believe maybe, but apparently true … ‘sin’ is everywhere, and people doing it. Amazon/Goodreads/Facebook are all in touch with each other. Lots of my Facebook ‘friends’ are other Indie writers. That would be so for many of us. I read their books to find out what they write, and if it’s a good book, I review it. But I am not doing this because they are bosom pals and we have agreements! So, you see, Goodreads cuts both ways, and can be less than a helpful way to go … I received an unpleasant note and my review was taken down recently- because we are ‘friends’.Read the Amazon rules of reviewing …Hope this is helpful. Otherwise, nice post, Sue! We were visiting family that weekend, so didn’t attend the Writers’ day.

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    • I have read an article about the new rules on Amazon and shared it with a writer of my acquaintance, who has had all the reviews of her latest book removed. Ouch!
      I only review books I have enjoyed and think are worthy of 4 or 5 stars. I may fall foul of Amazon’s new rules for other reasons.
      Thank you for reading and commenting.


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