What I read in September 2016

The latest in my series of What I read posts is going to be a little shorter than some of my earlier ones.  I have only finished reading two books this month.  I have already reviewed the first of these.  It was Gladys Aylward: A Life for China.  I read it while I was part way through another book – Accession by Livi Michael.  I borrowed Accession from the library and didn’t finish it in the first three weeks of the loan.  It is the third book in a trilogy about the Wars of the Roses.  Although I had not read the earlier books in the series, I enjoyed learning in particular about the women, who were caught up in the politics of the day.  There are snippets of historical documents interspersed with the writer’s reconstruction of the story.  It is not a light read and the other book provided a contrast, which helped me return to Accession with renewed interest. The Battle of Bosworth (1485) was included almost at the end of the book.  Having visited the site of it a few years ago helped bring the story into context.  I never cease to be amazed at how far people travelled in the days before motorised transport.  All accounts of historical events are likely to be biased.  Reading this historical novel helped me understand what it must have been like to live in this age.  The religious beliefs of the main characters are an important part of the story.  At the time British Christianity was Roman Catholicism; the reformation took place during the reign of Henry VIII, leading to turmoil as described in another historical novel I read and reviewed earlier – The Heretic.