Gladys Aylward: A Life for China (Book Review)

Carol Purves specialises in retelling stories of prominent Christians.  Her new edition of Gladys Aylward: A Life for China is published by Piquant editions and available as a paperback or Kindle edition.  I bought the paperback from the author, whom I have known for over a year through the Association of Christian Writers.

I enjoyed reading the book although I have resisted reading The Small Woman (one of the books listed in the bibliography) for decades after my mother-in-law recommended it to me.  (I like to choose what I read!)

The reader is transported to another century and distant places.  Although it is obvious from the length of the book and the title of the penultimate chapter being Death, that Gladys Aylward is about to escape with her life from a number of very dangerous situations, the story encourages page-turning.   The author seems to understand, what went through the mind of Gladys in particular, but also of other characters in this amazing story.

One or two minor mistakes of spelling and grammar have been missed at the editing stage, but no more than in most books these days.  Gladys Aylward’s was a remarkable life.  Carol Purves has taken much trouble in presenting it to a new generation of readers, by organising her research from books  and interviews with people, who knew Gladys Aylward.  This book is easy to read, being well produced and under 140 pages in length.  I strongly recommend it.