Autumn weather

Here in England children have mostly started the new term at school.  Some independent schools begin a few days later.  The term is mostly referred to as the Autumn term, although there are places (some universities, for example) where it is the Michaelmas term and others where it is the Christmas Term, being the term leading up to Christmas.  Michaelmas is the feast day of (the Archangel) St Michael and All Angels, which is September 30th.  Christmas (in case you need reminding) is 25th December and is always in the school holidays here.

In autumn the weather is as unpredictable as in any of the seasons.  It always becomes damper (Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness as the poet, John Keats,wrote) with less sunshine than we expect in summer.  The leaves change from shades of green to yellows, reds and browns and begin to fall to the ground (before the end of August this year).

Sometimes there are gales, which speed the process of trees shedding their foliage.  In October there may be a spell of warm sunny weather, known as an Indian summer.  Although Great Britain is a relatively small country in terms of area, the weather varies considerably from North to South and East to West.  Altitude and the proximity to the sea also have a strong influence on the weather.

One result is the difficulty of selecting suitable clothes.  It may be very chilly on a misty morning, but almost like a summer’s day by lunchtime.  Some mornings may be sunny and calm, then, by midday, a cold wind is blowing.

Sometimes people on Twitter highlight the variation in weather between nearby places.  If it is misty by the coast it may be sunny and warm a few miles inland.

The weather forecast is improving in accuracy, but some areas have a microclimate, which is very difficult to predict.  If there are rainclouds about, a weather app forecasting dry weather may not be completely trustworthy.

I am writing this in advance of publication after going for a walk on a day, which started with mist and has continued with cloud low enough that I walked up into it with a friend.   We felt the temperature drop!  I lost count of how many times I took my light raincoat off and put it back on.  Later in the afternoon the mist dispersed before a sunny evening.

I do not always post photos on this blog, but we found some welcome colour in the form of rugeosa roses in various stages of maturity.  It has been a good year for roses.

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