Too busy to blog

The garden is overgrown even after upwards of 20 person-hours of attention in the last  week.  There are jobs to be done indoors, places to go and people to see.  Books are piling up to be read and projects to be completed.  There is piano music not yet learned and puzzles not yet solved.  A hand-written journal waits for updates.

So here I am wondering whether to blog or not to blog.  A friend has blogged about blogging in her sabbatical.  Writing helps her think.

As I ponder and tap the keyboard, I can hear the rain.  I have spent the dry part of the day gardening and do not feel that other things need doing straightaway.

There don’t seem to be many people reading blogs at present.  They are probably enjoying summer holidays (in the Northern hemisphere).

Just to provide something different I am going to set up a poll about whether everyone should take a break from blogging in the summer months.  There are some blogs I’d miss reading, though.  One is More than Writers, with a team of regular writers and some guests.



5 thoughts on “Too busy to blog

  1. I’ve noticed that the more often I blog the more often I get responses (Likes, Twitter followers etc). It’s relentless but I think it does pay to keep going.

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    • Frequency of posting certainly does seem to affect the traffic. I have 3 blogs. This one, where I post once a week, my original one where I post once a month and Sue’s words and pictures, twice weekly. The third one is doing best and the first worst. Sue


  2. I’ve been traveling for the past month so my blogging time has been extremely curtailed though I have kept posts on schedule on my own blog. This is the way I’ve done it for my 7 years of blogging and it’s worked well for me.

    For a blog I think consistency is important since not everybody has the same level of being busy. My activity might slow down, but my presence is always on my main site and I think that’s the way it should be–for me at least. I’ve stopped activity on my secondary blog with an announcement that I’d be doing so. Since I don’t get as much traffic on that blog then I think it doesn’t matter as much there.

    Tossing It Out

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