What I learned in May 2016

I have already written and published a post about what I read in May 2016.  I’ll be linking both of these with emily p. freeman.

The first thing I learned was not to set off on a long distance train journey without checking the National Rail app on my phone for the whole of the journey.  (Although it is possible for disruption to occur once I have boarded the first train!)

Next I learned that it is best to answer the question, “May I phone you?” with some delaying tactic, like “It might be better if I phone you. When would be a good time?”

Then there was the problem of dealing with panic attacks.  I need to remind myself that the best reaction to a panic attack is not to panic, but to pray.  Believing the lies that come into my head during a panic attack can lead to over-reacting and causing difficulties for myself and others.

In stressful situations I need more rest than usual.  Do other people find that too?

I was reminded that God really does answer prayer.  For example, I prayed about knowing when to return home.  I took into account the likely busyness of the day after the May Day Bank Holiday.  I consulted with family members.  I considered the other things that were going on and made a rational decision.  The train I travelled on was only going as far as I needed, although it usually continues on this route for over an hour longer.  As a result there were plenty of seats.  I didn’t worry when it was delayed a few minutes and just caught the connecting train.

I hope I have learned not to expect things to go wrong and prevent me from doing the things I really want to do.  I hadn’t previously recognised that I have this tendency.  If I make my decisions prayerfully, it does not make sense to expect that I’ll be prevented from acting on them.

Taking a break from my usual routine allowed me to stand back from my writing projects.  I have decided to abandon my work-in-progress and try to tell the story in a completely different way.  (But I haven’t begun yet!)


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