I do not often remember my dreams.  Recently I have been suffering from a mild migraine.  One night I dreamed that there was a big digger outside our house.  I heard it turn the corner and begin to dig in our garden on the other side of the house from our bedroom.  In my dream hubby and I were still asleep.  We did not bother to go and see where the digger was and whether it was doing anything we might have been concerned about.

On waking I realised that the noise of the digger was hubby’s (and possibly my) snoring!

The following night I realised I was dreaming when a brightly coloured web-page appeared in front of my eyes.  It was orange, black and white.  The message I read on it was, “Should Jesus’ disciples be spending time reading this website?”

I recognised a challenge about time management and priorities.

Then in the top corner of the screen a pale blue background appeared with the words, “I am here too.”  Below these words were links to all the usual social media sites – Twitter and about four more.

When I awoke I could remember the dream.  I didn’t write it down immediately.  A day later, I may have altered some of the words, but the idea is still there.

One blogger I follow in my WordPress reader has recently unfriended everyone on Facebook except her family members.  Her reason is that Facebook is false.  People put on their masks and do not show themselves as they really are.  It is also easy to waste a lot of time on Facebook.

I agree with her assessment of much of Facebook.  However there are little pockets of goodness there too.  I believe that those who call themselves followers of Jesus should have a presence in all parts of society.  While I do not post much in the way of photographs and personal information of Facebook, I find it useful for keeping in touch with friends and family, for making connections with people with similar interests to my own, for poetry prompts, for inspiration to pray for the needs of others and for encouragement.

I am adding some links to Facebook pages, which I find particularly helpful or wholesome.

Beauty from ashes


Simply Vintage Girl

Wildlife Gadgetman

We are called to be salt and light in the world.  If we opt out of Facebook, who will be left to spread Good News?