March madness

As mad as a March hare is a well known saying.  There seems to be a lot going on this March.  This is partly because Easter (at least in the Western calendar) is before the end of the month.  Being a movable feast it can fall in March or April.

World Book Day was 3 March.  This year I have not been involved.  In the past I have variously had to produce fancy dress costumes, received a book from a friend and attended an event at a local arts centre.

I was involved in Women’s World Day of Prayer on 4 March and attended a service prepared by the Christian women of Cuba.  We reflected on Jesus’ words about children and coming to him “as a little child”.

Holy Week is the week preceding Easter.  For most school children in the UK this is not a holiday week.  The school term ends for many on Maundy Thursday, making Good Friday the first day of the holiday.  Because Easter is early the term has been short and the holiday is delayed in an attempt to make the spring and summer terms similar in length.

With Good Friday being a Bank Holiday I predict busy roads.  Not many people go to church on Good Friday in Britain these days.  Even those who attend regularly on Sundays seem to shy away from this day which is central to the Christian faith.

The Ladies’ Bible study group has been looking at St Luke’s Gospel.  At our first meeting in March we were looking at Jesus’ trial and crucifixion.  Next time we’ll be examining the evidence for his resurrection.

Most believers have lives in society at large and are not cloistered away.  I am aware that on the Monday of Holy Week this year two events will loom large on social media:  World Poetry Day and the Theme Reveal for the A to Z challenge.

There are likely to be performances of choral works with an Easter (or Passiontide) theme in many places.  The two choirs I belong to are combining to perform Stainer’s Crucifixion.  It is a few years since we last sang it in Holy Week.  In the meantime we have sung Fauré’s Requiem more than once.

Tomorrow is celebrated as Mothering Sunday in the UK.  The Sunday in the middle of Lent is the traditional date.  It is not to be confused with Mother’s Day across the Atlantic, although most cards have Mother’s Day rather than Mothering Sunday printed on them.

It makes for a busy weekend for me as I am involved in both the orchestra and the choir.  After my experience at Christmas, when I realised in the rehearsal that a piece of music I had been given was in a different key from that of the rest of the players, I am even less likely to skip a rehearsal!  My instrument is a humble recorder on which I attempt to play a flute or violin line.

March looks like being a busy month for me.  How about you?