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It is a while since I did a summary post here on Sue’s Trifles.  The ones I have done previously were mainly for my own benefit.  I was able to review my posts and make a recent contents list with comments.

It was perhaps a post of last resort, when no other ideas had come to mind!

Now I am only posting once a week, I have not been running out of ideas.  However, I am aware that recent posts have been mainly bookish.  I wrote one post of a different sort, but that has been accepted as a guest post on a multi-author blog and is likely to appear next month.  Not all my posts would fit there.

In other news I have signed up for the Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge for both this blog and Sue’s Words and Pictures.  My preparations are fairly advanced, particularly for my other blog.  For this one the words are ready, but I am still collecting illustrations.  Last time I looked there were over 600 blogs on the sign-up list with almost two months to go until the challenge begins.

For those of you who enjoy craft posts, I have to admit that I have taken a break from knitting and crochet.  The last item I knitted found its way into a parcel without having its photo taken.  (Not like me to miss a blogging opportunity!)  No doubt I’ll start again sometime.

My knitting time has been replaced by colouring and Scrabble® as well as reading more.  I have also started going to the library again (two libraries, actually).  I used to be a regular visitor at our tiny local library, but the opening days changed and I began buying books.  Anyhow, I have been to the library a few times recently.  I read The Girl he Left Behind by JoJo Moyes and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It is set in France.  That reminded me that I hadn’t read anything in French for more years than I care to admit, so when I saw the foreign literature shelf in the library in the nearest town (my membership is countywide) I borrowed a book.  It is one, which I might have had to read if I had continued to study French as an exam subject.  I don’t think I’d have enjoyed it when I was young.

I have also borrowed a book by an author I find particularly entertaining.  Jasper Fforde has written at least three series.  The one I found is about Thursday Next.  I seem to be several years behind with reading his books.  That’s what comes of not going to the library!

I wrote this before #NationalLibrariesDay but scheduled it for a week later as I was unaware of the event. It would only have been lost in all the other posts with that hashtag!

Next time I may share some thoughts about travelling hopefully…


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  1. Glad you’ll be joining us for A to Z once again. Once a week blogging is mostly what I’ve been doing in the past year or so. Now my ideas are accumulating faster than I can blog about them.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

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