Book review: Finding Myself in Britain

Finding Myself in Britain by Amy Boucher Pye is a delightful book.  Its subtitle is Our Search for Faith, Home & True Identity.

This book is entertaining and revealing.  Readers on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean may understand each other better by reading about the author’s experiences living in England.  This book could be enjoyed by others, who feel torn between two places and/or cultures.

Beginning in Autumn we are taken through the year with stories about how British life seems to one particular American lady.  As I read this book before Christmas I felt myself drawn in from the present season, looking back to what I had just experienced and forward to what is to come.

The book includes recipes handed down in the author’s family.  I do not usually try out new recipes, so I cannot say whether they work or not!  Judging by the excellent way the book has been edited and produced, I expect they have been tried and tested before publication.