Reflections on a rainy day

After an exceptionally sunny and dry start to the autumn, November arrived with mist, rain and gales.  No wonder it is the month when so many writers in the Northern Hemisphere settle down to take part in blogging or writing challenges.

Having decided in October that I was probably trying to do too much, I resolved to write as much as possible in November without committing myself to any specific targets.  So I am not attempting to write a novel – that is not one of my ambitions in any case – or to blog every day in November, as I did in 2013 or to write a poem a day.

I did venture out on a miserable day to the writing group.  Fortunately it was hardly raining as I set off to the station.  There were reasonable views from the train, if not long distance ones.  There were plenty of trees, birds and farm animals to look at.  I might have thought I was imagining things, but the young man sitting in front of me expressed surprise on seeing four herons standing around a small pool.  On earlier journeys along the same route I have seen at least three stationed at intervals along a river.

To pass the time quietly on a noisy weekend train taking many people to a beer festival I made notes of the trees, flowers and birds I saw.  I didn’t bother about the sheep and cows.

Previously I have blogged from the point of view of the train and published a list of what I saw from a train.

I am hoping to write a poem soon about the autumn colours and share it with a group of poetic people on Facebook, who respond to seasonal prompts.  My notes may help.  (I did this on Wednesday, having drafted this post on Tuesday.)

I knew my homeward journey would be after dark, so there would not be much to see.  Fortunately the passengers were not quite as noisy as earlier in the day.  The train was not quite as busy.  Perhaps that was the only reason, but I think not.

A city in the pouring rain has a different atmosphere from on a fine day.  Everyone (including me) seemed to be self-absorbed.  I thought I heard a busker outside in a street, but didn’t bother to look where the music was coming from.

I stood outside in the rain to take a couple of photos for the Daily Post photo challenge.  A lady apologised for walking in front of me, but she had to get out of the rain!  (Perhaps she was less self-absorbed than I was!)

The shopping mall was full of people; were they preparing for Christmas already?  I have to admit I have already bought my Christmas cards among other advance purchases.

Do you plan in advance or are you more spontaneous?



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