What I have learned in October

To keep this post to a reasonable length for the benefit of my readers, I am going to be rather more selective than in some previous posts of this nature.

I hope I have learned that I need to pace myself in order not to become overtired.  Whether that could have prevented a virus getting the better of me, I do not know.  I might have recovered faster, had I rested more.  Rosemary (which grows in our garden) is good for relieving sinusitis and smells good, too.

The most exciting thing I learned in October was how enjoyable it can be to meet with a room full of writers.  I also learned that doing actions to stories is far less embarrassing when everyone is joining in.  I must look out for some of Bob Hartman’s books.  (He was the ringleader for the actions as the speaker at the Writers’ Day I attended in London.)

In autumn it is important to seize the day (carpe diem) when the weather is good.  Gardening jobs or long walks need to be timed to make the most of any fine weather.  This year September and October have been remarkably sunny and mild.  Flowers and insects have been brightening gardens and countryside.  Everyone seems to benefit from time spent in the open air in beautiful places.

Making the most of the weather

Making the most of the weather

Keeping up with all the blogs I find interesting is proving impossible.  How to balance encouraging other bloggers with getting on with life, writing and blogging is something I am still working on.  One idea I have is to make a new list of interesting blogs and post it on one of my own blogs.  Then I should clear out my WordPress Reader so that only the blogs I regularly read show in it.

Oh, I nearly forgot – I am learning to use an electric toothbrush!  This is not something I’d have chosen to do, but I am reluctantly taking the advice of experts.  I have been dreaming about toothbrushes and dentists, so it is obviously on my mind.

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5 thoughts on “What I have learned in October

  1. I rarely get out much, but I haven’t been lured to go out into the urban surroundings where I live. I really need to get out more though. I too cleaned out many of my WordPress subscribed blogs as they were not very useful to me and they never seemed to interact in my direction so I didn’t see any real relationship in those.

    Sometimes it seems like a matter of life versus blogging and I’ve been trying to put more life in the mix in recent months.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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  2. Lovely post sue, i found it encouraging. Hooe you are feeling better, x barb

    Ps. I have to pace myself most of the time, if I dont then my health suffers..and..I have had to slow down alot, x

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